In order to accomplish this, the two brands have released a new sneaker. "The idea behind the shoe was to create an 'open canvas' effect. This allows people to express themselves through customisation as they 'unbox' themselves," says founder and MD of Bathu Theo Baloyi.

According to Baloyi, sneakers don't have an age spectrum; everyone has a sneaker in their closet and through the collaboration, the duo wanted to ensure that the shoe was simple enough that it could fit into anyone's style. Baloyi adds that it is important for brands to be conscious in what they offer consumers right now.

"People have become highly sensitive to the things they do, the places they go and the clothes they wear. So, it is crucial for brands, in whatever merchandise they put out, to allow consumers to express who they are in the most authentic way possible," Baloyi says.

The duo says that it made sense for them to team up for this concept. They add that it was about more than just putting out a shoe for people to wear. 

The campaign aims to resonate with a truly South African narrative — one that tells a proudly, untold South African story and brings it to the world through the unique and innovative design of its shoes, concludes the duo.

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