Extreme Energy aims to be a brand that recognises the value of confidence and positivity in society. 

According to the brand, since early 2020 the COVID 19 Lockdown has hindered ambitious South Africans from getting on with their 'hustle'.

With this in mind, the brand has valued and recognised positive energy in its futuristic television commercial Unstoppable. The project strives to salute the irrepressible positive energy of South Africans and to their ability to show up, says the brand.

"With this TVC, we set out to reflect the drive of the lead character to get on with the hustle and craft, no matter what — and how he does it with determination," says Morne van Greunen, marketing manager for Extreme Energy. 

The 30-second commercial opens with the lead character ordering an Extreme Energy drink at the bar and, taking a sip, he starts the journey to a DJ set on the roof-top.

On his ‘'surreal’' journey, viewers see him being amped-up and cheered on by a growing group of characters whose costumes and performance reflect a post-Afro Futurist style.

Award-winning director Bruno Bossi of Carbon Films employs the 'Theatre of the Mind' in the film, depicting the characters as a manifestation of the lead character's confidence that builds up as the music beat and energy rises. He doesn't physically see them, but it's clear that he is aware that they are there, says the brand.

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