"South African townships house some of the most unique businesses in the world," says Lieketseng Eze, co-founder of Savuka Africa Media. She says that she is both captivated by the mix of businesses within townships and passionate about the revitalisation of this market.

"VUKA.ME captures the essence of these businesses and is a platform that elevates and gives them the well-deserved exposure they have been missing," adds Eze.

South Africa's story aims to depict the igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship in South African Townships, says Eze. She says that for too many years, these businesses have been overlooked with regards to technology, media and marketing assistance.

"COVID-19 has impacted most businesses in one way or another, Townships SMMEs included. Many have been forced to close, but countless more have managed to uncover new opportunities and pivot during this pandemic," says Eze.

"It is this continued resilience of the township market and the spirit to survive and thrive that makes it such a unique environment and one that we want to nurture and grow," Eze adds.

VUKA.me aims to deliver data and insights of SMMEs operating within the township sector. The objective around collecting this data is to enhance brand strategy and influence how brands engage, communicate and design solutions for this market.

The VUKA.ME pilot is currently underway in Soweto and as it gains momentum will roll-out throughout other townships across South Africa.

"We urge businesses to look out for our VUKA.ME agents, who will be on a roadshow in various communities in Soweto signing up businesses for a free trial period of three months," concludes Eze.

According to the company, the Vuvuzelas are well-trained VUKA on the ground agents who provide one on one consultation with businesses, sign them up on VUKA.ME, as well as train owners on how to effectively use the platform.

All that a business requires to get started is a Smartphone. The platform offers business owners three packages to choose from, including a business listing, business efficiency services, rewards and loyalty programmes, exclusive promotion and competition entries and customer ratings.

The VUKA Fresh package is the entry-level package at only R299 per annum. The next tier is the VUKA Pusha package at R399, followed by the VUKA Star package priced at R600 per annum.

The packages aim to offer a variety of services to assist SMME's and are subsidised in order to reach more businesses and make a significant impact on their growth.

For more information, visit www.savukaafricamedia.com. You can also follow Savuka Africa Media on Facebook or on Instagram