Through its flagship study representing 2.6 billion consumers globally, GWI aims to provide consumer insights across 46 markets to the most renowned brands, agencies and media organisations.

Digital Optimization has become one of the first African independent agencies to be GWI-certified and joins some of the world's most iconic agencies and brands that have access to its market-leading research and solutions. 

Dani Morley, CEO of Digital Optimization, says that the partnership with GWI forms an integral part of Digital Optimization's broader business strategy.

"As a company, we are obsessed with our clients' performance and growth. To drive this performance, we need to have access to trusted data to make informed audience profiling decisions. GWI enables this," says Morley.

"The insights gleaned from GWI data allows us to shape our strategic thinking and delivery on e-commerce, lead generation, digital media and social strategies. At Digital Optimization, our approach is to combine our local, entrepreneurial, agile Indie DNA with the power of globally-recognised, world-leading, heavy-weight partners, such as GWI," adds Morley. 

"We're delighted to be partnering with Digital Optimization at such a crucial period in time," says Sebastian Hedencrona, chief growth officer at GWI. "As budgets tighten and the pressure on agencies to deliver fast results mounts, it's never been more important to understand your audiences and how exactly they're changing. This is an agency that knows the value in being informed."

"Since the coronavirus outbreak, consumer behaviours and mindsets have been changing at rates we've never seen. Our aim, as always, is to bring that much-needed insight to every agency, big or small, to help them succeed. Our partners play a key role in helping us achieve that on a global, local, and regional level," adds Hedencrona.

"We love GlobalWebIndex and we love Digital Optimization. It's a match made in heaven and we're excited to help DO compete at the highest levels by providing their customers with up-to-date, useful and relevant consumer insights," says Kelvin Jonck, MD at YOUKNOW.

"YOUKNOW's goal is to connect local, African organisations with the best global technology companies, ensuring that they do so with local expertise and experience," adds Jonck.
Morley says, "Our partnership with GWI gives us the benefit and insight into rich, customised research to identify key consumer trends and opportunities. Not only does GWI provide us with customer journey mapping and targeting validation capabilities, but we are able to tap into a representation of over 2 billion people, in over 40 countries with over 40 000 profiling attributes, making us truly, locally and internationally capable and relevant." 

"Access to GWI provides us with the ability to find and validate our client's ideal target segments, with locally relevant insight into attitudes, interests and perceptions in a way that we have not been able to achieve previously," adds Morley.

"We can then map the behaviours of these segments to identify the touchpoints and media moments that matter. Quality customer profiling, quality conversion and quality lead strategies have to start here. Developing a nurturing CRM strategy is only valuable if our customers are the right profile from the beginning and this enables us to deliver loyalty, profit and advantage over other brands," Morley says. 

Morley says that as marketing budgets are tightened and chief marketing officers are under the baton to produce results, there will be an increasing demand for paid media agencies and performance marketing agencies to deliver high-value ROI and bottom-line impact.

Morley concludes that the GWI partnership with Digital Optimization is a critical element in its ability to deliver on high performance and growth for its clients.

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