"Nurturing young creative talent is a key mandate of the Loeries to ensure the advancement and longevity of creative excellence in our industry. Judging from the quality and calibre of entrants, the future is extremely exciting," says Loeries CEO Preetesh Sewraj.

Joe Public United's creative director Claudi Potter describes Tumahole as 'an invaluable and incomparable talent in the creative team' and says he has been instrumental in the delivery of award-winning integrated solutions on brands like Nedbank, Castle Milk Stout, CTM and Chicken Licken.

"Tumahole has a very unique voice and a writing talent that is incredibly rare. He matches that with a level of leadership, maturity and conceptual ability that is way beyond his years," says Potter.

After winning a radio commercial writing competition in 2015, Tumahole received a bursary to complete his higher diploma in copywriting at AAA School of Advertising.

Duthoit is a graduate from the Creative Economy School AFDA, where he studied data and colour grading for film, cinema and video. In 2015, he won three awards for Best Colour and Data, Best 3rd Year Picture and Audience Award for Best Picture.

Mentored by Keno Naidoo, Left Post Production's senior flame artist, Duthoit says that he is 'fortunate and honoured' to have worked with top directors in the South African Film industry, such as Ross Garrett and Zee Ntuli.

"I strive to make every frame as beautiful as it can be. With the combination of grade and online, I have been able to come up with stunning visuals and am proud to say there is only one other artist in South Africa able to do both online and grade at an industry professional level," concludes Duthoit. 

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