"In a year that has taken on so many twists and turns, a first reaction might be to look forward and forget the challenging times. However, that would discount all of the amazing work that creators, fans, venues and activists have poured their hearts into this year," says Dan Brill, global group creative director at Spotify.

"That's why, instead of turning our backs on 2020, we wanted to give our appreciation for those who gave us hope — the people who, despite challenging circumstances, found ways to infuse magic into our world and give us hope for a better tomorrow," adds Brill.

According to Spotify, the 'Wrapped' campaign orients telling a story of gratitude and resilience. The intent is to recognise the artists, passionate listeners and the everyday playlists that kept everyone entertained, grounded and informed.

Spotify has indicated that it is bringing these themes of gratitude and resilience to life through the following two ways:

Circle of Gratitude with OOH and social
Spotify says that it is leveraging OOH, social and more to create a global circle of gratitude for the world's biggest artists, as well as everyday playlists. Through the visuals of the campaign, Spotify is encouraging people to 'find beauty in the chaos'.

These images will be paired with reflections on 2020 from a note of gratitude to the artists such as Moonchild Sanelly's We love you to the moon and back, sa well as playlists like 'Nature Sounds', which helped listeners bring a little bit of the outdoors into their homes.

Fan Films
In these spots, Spotify says that it will be 'handing the mic' to its listeners, portraying how they might thank their favourite musicians for making home a better place to be.

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