"The 'SHOUT4MASKS' campaign has been privileged and honoured to have partnered with Marc Taback (group managing director of Mediology) and Christo Van Den Bergh," says Danny K and Kabelo Mabalane, co-founders of 'SHOUT4MASKS'.

"Marc's creativity and determination has been the driving force in gaining us magnificent traction with all the media owners in South Africa," adds the duo.

Wow Guru Innovations, a unique design, fabrication and installation company, as well as Beith Digital, a market leader in digital printing, created a 3D fabric mask that spans four meters in length and 3.6 meters in width. It weighs 180kg, together with its support framework.

A high-profile site on the M1 South Johannesburg was selected from JCDecaux Africa’s network to maximise reach and exposure. It is estimated to reach over 1.6 million people between Wednesday, 30 September 2020 and Thursday, 31 December, delivering over 31 million impressions.

In addition, the team says that they were cognisant of reducing the carbon footprint of a project of this magnitude. This will be achieved by extending the application of the mask by repurposing the mask material and creating protective masks, further adding to and delivering on the cause and campaign's intention.

Taback says, "We believe that creativity and innovation can be used to make a difference. We are proud of this work and the impact the campaign has had. We are grateful to all our partners on this campaign, who contributed their time, expertise and resources at no cost. It's amazing what can be accomplished when we work together to help our nation."

'SHOUT4MASKS' has already been able to distribute hundreds of thousands of masks to nurses and doctors in South Africa, thanks to the overwhelming kindness and generosity of the community, says the team behind the initiatitive. 

The 'SHOUT4MASKS' co-founders have thanked the public, saying, "We could not have raised the much-needed funding without our partners."

"Words can never express adequately our feelings of immense gratitude to all who were involved and their magnanimous gestures in providing their skill at no charge," they conclude. 

For more information, visit www.shout4masks.co.za. You can also follow 'SHOUT4MASKS' on Facebook or on Instagram