As a founder of a 51% black female-owned agency, Goolam says that she feels passionate about her role in helping the industry accelerate its transformation.

"I've always wanted to make an impactful change in the industry that I operate in. There is so much misrepresentation and I'm pleased to have the opportunity to change so many already predefined narratives," says Goolam.

"The black creative is still a highly untapped phenomenon that the market is yet to experience fully. There is so much still to do to encourage and help and grow the next generation of talent in our industry. So I'm very encouraged by platforms such as the IAB that make an impact in this space and actively try to bridge the gaps in our industry," adds Goolam.

Goolam is one of three long-time friends who founded Valiant five years ago to help brands digitally stand out from the crowd. She previously worked at agencies including Ogilvy and M&C Saatchi Abel before starting Valiant with her partners.

With the aim of the council to facilitate lasting change that empowers black digital media and marketing professionals, Goolam says that her industry experience and knowledge as a female entrepreneur and co-owner of an independent agency will bring a fresh perspective to supporting the IAB Transformation Council in achieving its aim.

Sbosh Mbuzwana, Valiant's COO, concludes, "We're all so proud of Zubeida's appointment to the IAB Transformation Council. Not only is this a step for Zubeida towards sharing her story of how we can change our industry, but it's also an inspiration to see more black female entrepreneurs rising up to making an impact on our industry."

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