Nando's chief marketing officer Doug Places says, "We've noticed that many South Africans right now are rightfully questioning what exactly their food is and where it comes from. If you can't identify what exactly the burger patty is made of, maybe the alarm bells should be ringing."

"This was simply a public service announcement to raise the questions that need to be raised. In a year when we are all being more careful about what we are putting into our bodies, we wanted to remind South Africans that we have a 100% no-mystery chicken burger and any single side for the affordable price of R49," adds Places.

The ad shows a Nando's waitress carrying two 100% chicken fillet burgers in a Nando's restaurant saying, "Ai, we don't know about those patties, but we know our chicken."

When asked if this was a jab at anyone in particular, Place says, "Not at all. We are simply spurred on by following the mystery of the burger patty wherever it steers us."

Regarding the Nando's chicken burger, Place says that Nando's burgers don't use patties at all. They are made using a 100% real South African chicken fillet.

"There are no parts, just one whole chicken fillet. It's also bigger than most burger patties," concludes Places.

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