The positioning given by the agency is 'Don’t Stop the Fun, there's #MOR2GO'. The campaign aims to reinforce the experience of consuming artisanal ice-creams through doorstep delivery.

Zero Gravity Communications says that it devised a multi-pronged strategy for the brand. In the first step, print advertisements were placed in leading publications to enable Havmor to gain a share of voice regionally.

The simultaneous seeding on digital platforms through search engine ads and social media advertising helped create a strong brand recall, according to the agency. 

Zero Gravity Communications has also created product experience-focused commercials, which highlights USPs and product experience. There was also a social influencer campaign with prominent food influencers of Ahmedabad. It was introduced to ensure a vibrant hyperlocal reach.

Khushboo Sharma, founder and CEO of Zero Gravity Communications, says, "Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the formidable challenge was to regain customers' trust in safe doorstep delivery. We wanted to bring forward a new experience of artisanal ice-creams with direct communication."

"We have taken the iterative approach with first print ads along with digital campaign that is regionally focused for Gujarat. Now, we are going to take it forward with multiple states where Havmor is present, along with product films that depict product experience and going forward we will move to storytelling," adds Sharma.

Vincent Noronha, parlour business head at Havmor Ice-Cream, says, "Our newly-introduced artisanal range prioritises parlour innovations and promises a delightful experience to ice cream lovers. We identified the consumers demand at a time when disruptive changes had increased the need for joy, safety and convenience from trusted brands."

"COVID-19 has restricted the mobility of consumers and a lot of demand has moved online. Our new offering overcomes this barrier and provides the wholesome experience to ice cream aficionados to pump up the joy of celebrations. Consumer-centered innovation will always be at the core of our product strategy and business model," concludes Noronha.

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