Thanks to an ever-growing amount of above-the-line and below-the-line communication options, businesses are presented with new ways of spreading their marketing messages. But, it can become tricky to keep track of all the platforms and every detail conveyed over an extended period of time.

Integrated marketing communications is a strategy to align all the brand messages across all channels. This means that the business plan should be in line with different parts of the promotional mix. This will lead to a clear and consistent message that achieves campaign goals.

When a message is shared over social media, for example, it needs to be consistent with what would be said on other platforms, such as printed adverts.

Here, media update’s Maryna Steyn explores why integrated marketing communication is vital.

It amplifies your branding

Integrating your brand communications affects the way relationships are built and maintained. This is because the impact of your messaging is increased by regularly communicating a unified message across all channels.

This type of marketing also builds a stronger image as consumers become increasingly aware of who your brand is, which allows you to refine your target audience. In this way, you’ll know if the people seeing your messages are the ones your business is aiming to engage.

It is worth noting that brand support is important when attempting to amplify your brand by integrating your marketing efforts. This means that there should be dedicated individuals, either internal or external, who create branded kits such as email signatures, logos, stationery, marketing pieces and any other items that convey what your business is trying to say.

The main idea behind amplifying your branding is that the more your audience sees — or hears — the same message in different forms, the louder your brand’s voice will be.

Integrated marketing communications improves brand consistency

As a strategy, this type of marketing improves brand consistency by ensuring the business’ values and personality are coherent.

With so many platforms to communicate through, disintegration can easily occur. This means that communication can turn into a game of broken telephone where misinterpretations are passed on to your audience, resulting in a confused and misinformed customer base who aren’t sure what your brand stands for or is trying to convey.

By integrating your marketing communications, you succeed in fending off channel fragmentation and achieve a stronger, higher-quality brand message that is spread across all platforms.

Furthermore, this strategy enhances creative integrity by helping you stick to the true intentions of your message.

It enhances the consumer experience

A great consumer experience boosts customer retention as a positive encounter convinces people to continue business with your brand. Integrated marketing communications refocusses your audience’s needs, making sure the experience is centred around satisfying their demands.

Conveying a consistent message creates a seamless immersive experience and increased brand awareness. However, your audience will determine how the message is delivered to them by choosing which social media platform to follow, opting in or out of electronic marketing like email. They’re also able to decide which traditional marketing methods they’re able to expose themselves to, whether it is radio ads, billboards or printed in magazines.

If you are using integrated marketing communications as a strategy, your brand is able to measure the reaction to communication easily. This is because it creates a personalised experience through firstly reaching individuals through a unique combination of the marketing mix and secondly through meeting individual customer needs. The positive reaction the satisfied consumer has is then effectively measured with metrics.

This strategy also increases the interaction between consumers and the brand and nurtures the relationship.

Integrating marketing communications is a crucial part of the marketing process which ensures your brand messages are strong and consistent, enabling you to reach your campaign goals.

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