These brands are often 'passed down' from parent to child and friend to friend.

A trust that is developed between a consumer and a brand is as important as any other relationship. This continued trust is obtained through constant delivery of results and transparency; and although time in the market does play a role, products need to tell a story that helps their consumers see a brand that understands them and their needs and can provide a real solution.

Having a story and telling it to your consumers gives them the opportunity to know your brand and become more invested. Giving your consumers credible reasons to stay loyal is what all brands should be looking for, as this loyalty keeps your consumers coming back; the possibility of them converting to another brand is slim.

They are also your brand's greatest ambassadors who will refer the product to their friends and family. This is the aim of every brand; however, this brand loyalty is also built on the brand's responsibility of making sure that they continue to deliver.

Being transparent and engaging with your consumers, consistency in your product and knowing who your consumers are all playing a part in keeping that loyalty. This type of consumer base also plays a huge role in 'recruiting' others to use the product due to their belief in it.

Knowing the stigma surrounding the touching of someone else's hair, for example, Revlon Realistic Special Feeling launched the 'Touch My Hair' campaign in 2017 to recognise the beauty of natural hair, and through this found its place in the market as a brand that embraces the beauty of natural hair.

Ambassadors were placed in strategic locations and approached those passing by to do the unthinkable … touch their hair. Although apprehensive, consumers eventually took part in the 'experiment', discovered the beauty of natural hair and engaged in conversations about natural hair, as well as the products that were used to look after it.

New research is being conducted every day with findings that can put a competitor brand ahead, which is why all brands need to rely on research, tweak their formulas and their looks to stay top of mind with consumers without alienating them.

Creating a brand that a consumer will want to use, talk about and pass on to next generations is the aim for those who want to create a legacy. Staying relevant in an ever-changing world is done through authentic, honest consumer communication and, together with the consumer, a strong brand is built.

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