"It's tempting to call Shaw a jack of all trades, with his dynamic and varied professional background that spans everything from interaction design, animation direction, strategic consulting and more," says the agency.

"But 'master of none' he is certainly not, having repeatedly demonstrated his competence and creativity in the various industry roles he's held over the past 20 years," the agency adds. 

Hoorah says that it was the first to look at the traditional agency model critically to interrogate how one might reimagine this model for both cost and operational efficiencies. 

"This approach really appeals to me and I wanted to be a part of the action, so I got in touch with them," Shaw says. "The in-house model allows for far stronger working relationships with the brand partner, ultimately setting the stage for more relevant and more engaging work, the latter being tantamount to achieving brand marketing success in 2021."

"Shaw  is renowned in the industry for his creative excellence. He understands the industry but is also excellent at spotting opportunities and leveraging those to the client's advantage. This makes him a great asset to the Hoorah team," concludes Shaune Jordaan, co-founder and chief commercial officer at Hoorah.

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