While creating a digital roadmap for the brand, the agency conceptualised this reiteration of its existing positioning, 'Sangharsh ka Saathi'.

Pratik Gandhi, an acclaimed Indian actor with Gujarati roots was cast for the campaign. According to the group, Gandhi has his own struggle story of going from working as an engineer, while managing his acting career to doing theatres. Zero Gravity re-conceptualized Jivraj's tagline 'Sangharsh ka Saathi' and built it around Pratik's real-life story.

"Each life has its own journey with a distinct path and our brand is playing a tiny part in that journey," says Pathik Shah, executive director of the Jivraj9 tea group. "Tea is such an integral part of people's lives, especially in India, and I am glad how we are successfully raising the bar with passing time by maintaining the particular quality."

"Jivraj9 tea has always stood by and respected individuals and communities who have come out victorious from difficult situations. All our communication and campaigns so far have been around the same ideology. We salute the individual journey and that makes us a true Sangharsh ka Saathi," says Shah.

Khushboo Sharma, director of Zero Gravity Communications, says, "Pratik Gandhi has been widely acclaimed nationwide for his recent web series but the grind behind it is unknown and it depicts the tagline 'Sangharsh ka Saathi'. While working on this concept, we couldn't think of a better fit to start our first campaign in this series."

"The additional aligning factor was Jivraj9 and Pratik Gandhi both come from Surat. Going forward, we will be looking at building more such stories and weaving our brand communication around it," concludes Sharma.

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