The awards are the first global awards to recognise work that best incorporates diversity, equity and inclusion principles and underrepresented groups in both creative content and the team that made it.

Initial Fusion Pencil judges for The One Show 2021 are available for view here. The first group of Fusion Cube judges for the ADC 100th Annual Awards is available for view here

The Fusion Awards have three criteria. Winning entries must first meet the different specific judging standards for The One Show (excellence in creativity of ideas and quality of execution) or the ADC Annual Awards (brilliance in craft, design and innovation).

Entrants must also disclose the percentage of relevant agency, production company and design studio teams directly involved in this work who are part of underrepresented groups, including:
  • women and other marginalised genders
  • racial or ethnic groups
  • LGBTQ+, and
  • people with cognitive or physical disabilities.
They must also disclose how they implement DEI principles when putting the team together.

In addition, the work must communicate authentically with the target audience in terms of casting, language, script, narrative and design to address DEI factors such as racial and ethnic diversity, gender diversity, ageism, cognitive or physical abilities, positive body image, sexual orientation, all kinds of discrimination and negative stereotypes.

"The industry has a glaring diversity problem and Fusion is the first industry award to provide global recognition to the great work and teams who are leading the way in DEI," says Kevin Swanepoel, CEO at The One Club. "These diverse juries of creative leaders will help us make Fusion the new global industry standard for rewarding excellent work, created by a diverse team, that speaks in an authentic voice to the target audience."

Fusion awards also encourage brands to use these criteria as a framework for making their own marketing more diverse. It can serve as a global benchmark, representing a new way for brands to demand accountability from their agencies and partners for providing greater diversity in their work and creative teams.

Entries to The One Show 2021 and ADC 100th Annual Awards can be submitted now, with fees increasing after each deadline period. Regular deadlines for both shows are Friday, 12 March and extended deadlines are Friday, 19 March. Final deadlines are Friday, 26 March.

Judging will take place online. No physical entries will be accepted, eliminating shipping costs for entrants. 

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