Call It Spring says that the campaign is its most sustainable collection ever, with products made from recycled materials.

All of CIS's textile and handbag linings are now recycled. CIS products are made from hydro vegan leather, a water-based synthetic leather that swaps chemical solvents with water for a more sustainable process.

"Our trendy shoes and bags are not only kind to the planet and animals; they're also super kind to your feet and your wallet," says CIS.

Head of CIS Nicola Argyros says, "We believe in a bright tomorrow and we're creating it today, together. We believe in people, our world has no borders, our dreams have no limits. We build, we connect, we share, we celebrate — realness, diversity, change, hope, love, happiness."

"Being kind is cool and CIS recognises that. We applaud our super cool customers for making kindness cool again. CIS's new collection is kind to you and your crew and. of course, to our planet. The future is super kind," concludes the brand.

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