McGeer, who comes with a wealth of experience after working in the media and communications industry for 15 years, completed a degree in language and communications at the University of Pretoria. 

McGeer says that being part of a modern agency not only meant aspiring to work differently (by working more closely with clients to develop solutions that significantly impact business goals) but also meant staying agile and open to optimisation in all that they do.

"It really is about wanting to understand consumers and how they are evolving, as well as tapping into insights around who they are and how to present the brands we partner with to them," says McGreer.

She adds that Covid-19 has created a bigger need for businesses to advertise online and more businesses were pushing higher advertising spend into the digital sphere, which has led to a 'very noisy environment' for consumers, causing them to fall into advertising paralysis.

McGeer says that hoola is approaching this challenge with empathy to understand and identify the moments when a consumer was willing or wanting to interact with a brand.

Brands should be thinking about how they add value to their consumers' lives and again be agile enough to optimise when required to meet consumers at their point of interest, says McGeer.

Having worked within an advertising agency in New York, McGeer had some unique insight into how agencies operate in South Africa, compared to abroad, says the gencay. 

"In South Africa, we come across many difficulties in terms of budget constraints and limited resources like electricity and running water, in an agency space and in our personal lives on a daily basis. This leads us to always be in a problem-solving frame of mind. This is what I think is what really helps us stay innovative," says McGreer.

"In terms of hoola, we're always thinking of smart ways to solve problems for businesses and consumers. That's the starting point to unlocking which technologies to use in the rest of our strategy and identifies what the best solution is," adds McGreer.

"I've found a connection with people who are really good humans and are passionate about what they do, and that's who I am in a nutshell and how I work," concludes McGreer.

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