The rebrand will aim to provide more Africans with the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to participate more meaningfully in the mainstream economy. This includes a range of initiatives, including new data and AI-led innovations such as a Confidence Coach chat-bot, to up-skill financial literacy.

It also includes an Annual Financial Confidence Index to pinpoint regions where capacity building is imperative, and the launch of the Sanlam Moola-Money Family Game Show.

"Instead of simply imploring people to change their financial habits, we've set out to practically include them more in the economy and to have a better relationship with money — thereby, empowering a greater confidence in all of life," says Sydney Mbhele, Sanlam's chief executive of brand.

Together with their creative agency partner, King James Group Africa, Sanlam says that it has set out to redefine the essence of what makes them tick — and to match this with the inherent challenges and opportunities surrounding them.

"Sanlam has always had this notion of empowerment at its heart; we're going back to our roots of empowerment and articulating this in a more purposeful way," says Mbhele.

"Ensuring the previously marginalised have access to well-functioning financial infrastructure is paramount," concludes Mbhele. "By imprinting 'live with confidence' in the DNA of every aspect of our business, we will empower generations to be financially confident, secure and prosperous."

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