The new look aims to be as captivating, arresting and disruptive as the brand itself, says the agency. 

The brand identity features The Unlimited Sans, a coral colour palette, as well as an unlimited style and brand imagery featuring South Africans from all ages and races that share the brand's challenger mindset.

The Unlimited says that it realised that its corporate identity was not an accurate reflection of who it is. "This philosophy of being unlimited even extends to the very nature of our business: The Unlimited is unconstrained by a product category," says the brand. 

"Our identity was limiting and didn't represent our challenger brand philosophy that is a bold, daring approach to everything we do. We noticed a disconnect between who we are versus how we showed up visually," adds the brand.

Joe Public Shift, the integrated brand and communications group for Joe Public United, was tasked to create a new identity that would capture the essence of a brand as captivating, arresting and disruptive as The Unlimited.

"We knew we had to think outside the box and take a completely unconventional approach to this rebranding project," says Terri-Leigh Cassel, Joe Public Shift's managing partner.

"The new brand identity needed to be built off the principles behind this business, whose representation pays homage to the core reason they exist — to unlimit people's lives long into the future while always challenging the status quo. We got it right," adds Cassel.

Joe Public's Cape Town agency says that The Unlimited's new identity is a perfect representation of who the brand is.

"The new font is bold, unapologetic and uncompromising, it reflects The Unlimited's authentic challenger narrative of being completely 'un'. All the weights and styles have been merged into one variable font, making it completely unique and allows The Unlimited to express however and whatever it feels," concludes the agency. 

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