"The pandemic has forced the evolution for hotels, restaurants and the travel industry to co-exist with Covid-19," says Vittorio Baraja, chief marketing officer at Travelstart Group.

"Digitas Liquorice brought a dynamic energy to the table and handled everything we threw at them during the selection process in a professional, creative and engaging way. Providing insight into businesses who have taken strategic steps to evolve during this pandemic-fuelled revolution," adds Baraja.

"They impressed us with the work they did and also intuitively grasped how consumer expectations will differ when demand for travel returns," Baraja says.

Carla Worth, Digitas Liquorice's managing director, concludes, "We look forward to helping Travelstart succeed through these challenging times. Through creative use of technology, we believe that even in the midst of uncertainty, our clients can have a meaningful impact."

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