"People connect with ads that make them feel something, and subtle clever humour that makes you think is one of the surest ways to cause an emotive response," says Steph van Niekerk from Savanna.

"As South Africans, we don't take ourselves too seriously, so humour is our superpower," adds van Niekerk. "Savanna has never wavered in its commitment to nurture, support and encourage comedic talent in this country, while remaining culturally relevant and inclusive of a generation that has grown up with the Internet."

According to the brand, the ad was shot on location by director Greg Gray of Romance Films. Gray has worked with the brand since its inception in 1996.

"We love South Africa and its people, but what we love even more is observing national quirks. That was our aim at Romance Films: to capture the nuances that make you giggle as the penny drops and remember how many Savanna and Grey Africa / WPP Liquid friends you have," concludes Gray. 

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