media update’s Christine Beukes spoke to Irish Palo, digital media buyer at Flume Digital Marketing and PR, to unravel the secrets behind this generation's influencer marketing strategy.

When you think ‘influencer marketing’, you often think of the younger generations (Gen Zs, we’re talking to you). However, it might surprise you to know that 82% of Baby Boomers do in fact have a social media account.

And considering that digital is, now more than ever, pertinent to today’s branding and marketing strategies, it’s no secret that being active on these platforms is key to business success. So, where does influencer marketing fit in? Well, these individuals are often used to advertise your service offerings on social media in an authentic voice that mirrors your brand.

Authenticity creates that special human element. It makes your brand more relatable and trustworthy, which leads to a more loyal customer base and following — and, of course, an increase in sales.

So, how can Baby Boomers tap into these benefits? The answer is simple: By taking on a different approach to influencer marketing!

It has been said that Baby Boomers don’t trust social media influencers. How true is this statement?

It is true, and I honestly don't blame them. But, the thing is, how do marketers then effectively engage with Baby Boomers through influencer marketing? It’s simple. A strategy would be needed for the Baby Boomer demographic that would be different from the millennials and Gen Z.

Do you think Baby Boomers should make use of social media influencers? 

Yes. We should all be open-minded to adaptation and keep up with the current trends to satisfy the targeted audience.

How should Baby Boomers approach influencer marketing? 

Their strategies should definitely differ from other generations. And, since we live in the digital era, there's access to tons of data that give digital consumption statistics (per age, region, gender, device, platform and so on).

We also need to take into consideration the following categories with Baby Boomers: Most are avoiders, reluctant adopters and eager adopters (from a targeting perspective). Bearing that in mind, the chances of getting them to perform an action online is highly unlikely.

However, Boomers can support influencers' content by amplifying their organic work through paid media. This can be done by running a brand awareness or traffic-to-website campaign, for example.

What advice would you give to Baby Boomers looking to get into the influencer marketing space?

Me to a Baby Boomer: "You are definitely the 'Granfluencer that you think and know you are!". I mean, diversity and representation have become very important since 2020, I believe.

Can Baby Boomers be influencers themselves? 

Of course! I think Baby Boomers hold the ability to redefine their traditional values online to attract their own kind.

When it comes to Baby Boomers, it’s about experience, not marketing. Do you agree?

I agree! The user journey is definitely key in marketing; otherwise, we wouldn't be where we are right now had we not realised and implemented this.

Baby Boomers have a right not to trust social media influencers. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Let us know in the comments section below.

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