"It speaks to our continuous growth," says the agency's CEO Danie Brink. "We always have and always will continue to aggressively drive growth in our business."

"Having moved a number of times since opening our doors five years ago, we have found our long-term home, which will easily accommodate the team of hoolagans and continued expansion of the business," adds Brink.

"We've worked really hard to be able to enjoy what we're experiencing here. It's the first time we have a place that we can call 'home' and make ours, and really own it as our new space. It's another step up for us as an agency, which is always exciting," Brink says.

hoola shares its new home with The Gridd, another exciting venture that Brink is spearheading, says the agency. It offers young professionals a healthy work environment, with the flexibility to work from home, or from a structured, state of the art office space.

The agency highlights that in the past year, there has been a surge in remote work as businesses adapted to the effects of Covid-19. But, while working from home certainly has its benefits, it comes with its own set of challenges.

"Personally, I don't think your place of work and place of living should be the same," says Brink. "You should be able to switch off and separate business from personal life. The Gridd was established to provide a space for this to happen."

With hoola now situated at The Gridd, Brink says that it shows the agency's continued commitment to doing everything it can to put its team in a space that allows for creative and critical thinking, while encouraging a healthy lifestyle, and in so doing, placing them in an ideal position to solve challenges with incredible solutions for clients.

"Our vision will always be to keep challenging what we've created and to make sure it remains sustainable and modern. The Gridd provides the physical space for this to happen, while also working together with us to achieve our shared vision for the future," concludes Brink.

For more information, visit www.hoola.agency.