According to Momentum, the story has points within the film that depict the reality of how our unique qualities can sometimes be the root of our insecurities and how these insecurities can in turn be what holds us back from our greatness.

One of the characters in the story takes the time to show us that our differences and uniqueness can actually be turned into a superpower with acknowledgment, advice and support, adds Momentum.

"Momentum understands that, as individuals, we all go through life's challenges that sometimes leaves us with feelings of inadequacy; however, one cannot live life in the limitations of those insecurities," says Charlotte Nsubuga-Mukasa, Momentum's head of marketing.

"Throughout the '#ForcesOfMomentum' campaign, we are going to use the power of advice from successful individuals who overcame a specific obstacle in their life. [These are] individuals who can share their stories on the kind of internal fears they have dealt with in their lives, how they overcame those obstacles and what keeps them going," says Nsubuga-Mukasa. "Our focus should always be solutions-orientated for the present and future."

"You are bigger than you think. All it takes is an intervention by one person, one coach, one expert to acknowledge our external challenges and our own insecurities and to make you see the uniqueness of success, and that how you define success is all up to you," concludes Nsubuga-Mukasa.

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