Each industry can benefit immensely by adding introverts into their teams. That’s because these individuals bring something to the table that extroverts might be lacking.

For example, in the world of marketing, introverts have a love and skill for listening. So, where an extroverted marketer might miss the mark about what a client wants, an introvert might pick up on it faster, speeding up the entire onboarding experience and enhancing the client relationship.

With that said, it is also important to remember that extroverts are no better than introverts, and vice versa.

media update’s Talisa Jansen van Rensburg spoke to Jon Baker, CEO of Introvert in Business, to gain a deeper understanding of the important role these individuals play.

Why are introverts needed in marketing?

To help marketing teams think in a more robust manner, creating more resilient solutions. Stereotypically, introverts will listen more to the client and are better at dealing with the detailed requests. A balanced team will use these points as strengths by encouraging them and working with them.

Can introverts flourish in the marketing industry?

Absolutely, yes. The stereotype of a marketer might be more of an extrovert, but good marketing requires a range of skills, listening and analysis [which are all skills many introverts possess].

How will marketing teams benefit from having introverts in the team?

Any team of people, especially marketers will benefit from having a mixture of thinking styles and people in their team. A team’s biggest strength is its ability to creatively work together, learning from each other and challenging one another in a constructive way.

The range of views from a good marketing team will help create a more robust solution for the client.

Conversely, the biggest issue any team can face is groupthink, where the team travels unchallenged down a path.

This often happens when one or two voices dominate (typically extrovert) and the quieter (typically introvert) voices don’t feel able to speak up or don’t believe there’s any point in doing so.

What can introverts do to take their marketing team to the next level?

By working as a positive force in the team, helping them to consider a wider perspective and to remain focused. A typical introvert skill is listening and summarising.

This can make them very good at facilitating team discussions and keeping the team on track when it comes to developing a creative answer, which serves the client’s brief.

What do you think extrovert marketers can learn from introverted marketers?

One of the biggest things anybody can do is to realise what they do well and not so well. Trying to develop skills you don’t have is hard, but appreciating others in the team with those skills can allow you to focus on your own strengths.

This is often the best way to work as a team. Extroverted marketers could learn how to listen, appreciate and encourage the introverted marketers in their team.

Do you have introverts in your marketing team? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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