The DMAT benefits companies by providing an objective assessment to screen potential digital hires, reducing the risk and costs of hiring the wrong person. Passing candidates earn a verifiable and shareable certification of their digital marketing expertise.

The Global Academic Council consists of seven leading academics from four continents and serves as the body to ensure rigour and fairness within the assessment to ensure validity.

Serial entrepreneur and chairperson of the DMAT Rob Stokes says, "The council is a crucial step in creating global credibility and ensuring the continuous enhancement of the assessment."

"Bringing together academics from around the world was not a simple task; however, this brings us one step closer to achieving our overall mission: to make digital marketing education more accessible, to more people, more often," says Steven Fine, president at the DMAT.

Cindy Cragg, head of the council, concludes, "I am proud to lead the council that will elevate the DMAT and, in tandem, increase awareness and credence around the importance of access to professional credentials."

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