According to the event, Africa has been perceived as a dark continent with a vast amount of socio-economic problems for many years. What is more, there are visual elements of an Africa with lions roaming the streets and the stereotypical images of poverty.

The event adds that photography has been the powerful engine to these false stereotypical views circulating the world, as African images have been represented negatively in media and advertising. But photography marketplace and stock footage platform Afristock, alongside Afrikaren Media, are aiming to put a stop to that.

The free event will cover a wide variety of issues regarding the accessibility to African stock footage and the lack of positive representation of African photographs in advertising.

Discussions regarding how individuals can promote platforms for African creatives and showcase positive images (which could greatly contribute to the growth of the African continent) will be raised and discussed.

These key issues will not only be hosted on the Hopin platform Moderated by Karen Mwendera, an award-winning journalist and founder of Afrikaren Media, but key African speakers will also be present to help answer and provide insight on the broad landscape of photography in Africa.

These key speakers include:
  • Lucy Nkosi, Forbes Africa art director and layout artist
  • Mashokane 'Mash Ramu' Ramusetheli, senior lead strategist at Publics Groupe Africa
  • Danny Wonders, creative director and photographer
  • Brian Dodo, Zimbabwean / Canadian-based founder of BmDodo Strategic Design and Mapp Africa
  • Eti-Inyene Godwin Akpan, multi-award-winning visual storyteller and communications expert, as well as founder and executive director of PhotoWaka Africa, and 
  • Tony Mautsu, founder and managing director of both Social Light and Afristock. 
"This Africa Day (Tuesday, 25 May) marks the rise of a new era in African photography as the African nation, media and advertising houses, business and stakeholders in need of authentic African stock footage," says the event. 

"Creatives from all parts of the world are called to join a world-changing event that will not be empowering and showcase the authenticity of African visual storytelling but also save the photography perspective in Africa," the event concludes.

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