Conceived over half a decade ago, Luxity was inspired by the potential to fulfil the passions of South African women who value designer collectibles. The retailer now enables men and women alike to obtain designer labels.

The departure point for the new branding for Luxity was the concept of timelessness, elegance and the sophistication that makes tomorrow even more exquisite than today, says the brand.

The objective was to strike a balance between classic chic and modern minimalist, and in the process, to create a logo that captures the timelessness and the quality of extraordinary exchange.

With a black and white colour palette, Luxity's new look aims to embody this. It includes symbols that signify the past and the future, which are incorporated into the core at the centre.

"In this way, the past and the future meet in perfect harmony to create a circular, sustainable economy. It encompasses the known and unknown, what once was, what is right now and the formidable future that lies ahead," says the brand.

Luxity says that it was also essential that the new logo be more gender-neutral, where style is prioritized above all.

"Over the years, we have helped South Africa realise that there is no stigma when it comes to shopping pre-owned; and now, we're taking that further," says co-founder Michael Zahariev.

"Luxity's vision revolves around ensuring that you're able to not only pass down those unforgettable pieces for generations, for the greater good, but for our beautiful planet too," concludes Zahariev.

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