Remi Du Preez, commercial director at Tractor Outdoor, says, "Our intention is to aggressively expand our digital network over the next few months and the Sasol Forecourts partnership forms a key part of our growth strategy."

"Despite Covid's initial knock to the outdoor arena, the industry has since experienced an encouraging recovery. Interestingly, the pandemic has precipitated an acceleration in DOOH, as its dynamic format allows for increased flexibility in messaging," adds du Preez.

Du Preez highlights that DOOH's real-time data allows advertisers to map and track audiences, making digital an appealing medium in a time where consumer movement may not be as predictable as it was pre-Covid.

"Our advertisers are able to connect to the network using their own demand-side platforms (DSP), or make use of our in-house solution should they prefer. This allows an advertiser to serve campaigns to custom audiences based on specific locations that they've been shown to frequent. This movement data is then overlaid with Sasol's retail point-of-sale data, creating a deep and holistic picture of a campaign's impact, while providing clear metrics for success," du Preez says.

"With the addition of the Sasol network and the programmatic channels that we have created, advertisers are able to instantly serve dynamic marketing campaigns at scale. All can now be adjusted in accordance with real-time data," adds du Preez.

Tilene Narainan of Sasol Retail says, "Globally, businesses are moving towards innovative digital solutions that deliver a compelling and substantive value proposition, creating value for both the retailer and consumer."

"Digital advertising screens and their dynamic content capabilities fit this narrative, with features such as the ability to live stream events, enablement of user generated content, countdown capabilities and location and weather-triggered analytics. These capabilities enable us to create an experience that is customised for both the advertiser and audience," adds Narainan.

"We look forward to this journey with Tractor Outdoor as our partners," concludes Narainan.

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