MotionAds says that it came across Hollard's 'Big Ads for Small Business' campaign, which aims to share its advertising spaces with promising small businesses. The initiative was launched in February.

One of the campaign's main goals was to be a catalyst for good and to inspire others to follow suit, to the benefit of small enterprises, communities and the economy at large.

MotionAds approached the insurer about a partnership to extend its own reach, as well as to support this innovative campaign to help SMMEs survive and thrive.

Through the campaign, Hollard has provided 12 SMMEs across the country with their own customised advertising campaigns, including:
  • television
  • radio and street-pole advertising
  • press ads
  • billboards
  • promoted social media content
  • business training, and
  • public relations help.
The returns are being ploughed back into the small businesses, according to Hollard.

The partnership with MotionAds will see the branding of 10 delivery bikes in four areas (40 in all). The joint effort will aim to support food-delivery micro-enterprises across four regions of the country, while at the same time giving exposure to four small businesses.

The SMMEs that are benefiting from the collaboration include:
  • Journey Leather, a Western Cape SMME that creates customised leather products
  • Busanimen, a custom suit and tailoring business based in Maboneng, Johannesburg
  • SchoolHub, an app operating from Durban that offers parents a cashless solution to school spending, and
  • Haircelerate, an online hair-treatment products company that sells nationwide.
The branded delivery bikes aim to offer the perfect opportunity for SMMEs to reach the right markets in the right locations in an unconventional way, complementing existing media like street-pole advertisements.

They also ensure wider (and moving) coverage. The Journey Leather-branded MotionAds bikes will be delivering in the Stellenbosch area, the Busanimen-branded bikes in Rosebank and Sandton. Additionally, the SchoolHub-branded bikes will be moving in the Durban CBD, Umhlanga and further afield, and the Haircelerate-branded bikes will be in Fourways and Bryanston, Johannesburg.

Hollard has paid the production costs for the branding on the bikes and made a small donation to each of the motorbike riders, while MotionAds is taking care of logistics and other costs.

Hollard Group marketing manager Joanna Mondon says that the partnership with MotionAds, which is a 'like-minded brand', is tied to Hollard's purpose to enable more people to create and secure better futures.

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