The ad begins with a GTI driver getting behind the wheel and hearing that familiar 'vrrr pha' sound. He pulls away, governed by Volkswagen's GTI physics the world around him slows right down, says the duo.

South African vocalist Nonku Phiri performed an isiXhosa version of Edith Piaf's French song No Regrets. The ad aims to depict how life in the GTI lane operates at 'normal speed' while his surroundings can't seem to keep up.

Coleman says, "Such an anticipated launch needed an epic soundtrack. Something big and familiar which would match the languid pace of the slowed-down world. Recording it in isiXhosa was a late idea."

"I got excited about the opportunity of taking something from the museum of French culture and turning it on its head. Nonku Phiri was the first artist to come to mind for me. She has that timeless, raw, soulful voice … like Edith. It was a perfect fit," adds Coleman.

The ad was conceptualised by the team at Ogilvy Cape Town. Creative director Alex Goldberg says, "When you're shooting scripts like this, the details are everything. And Coleman is all about the details. [He has a] great eye, knows performance and is brilliant with casting and highly collaborative. He never fails to bring his own unique style to elevate a project into something that stays with you long after you've watched it."

Anton Visser, co-owner of Patriot, says, "It's been amazing having Coleman with us and seeing him bring work like this to life. He has such a distinctive style so I always look forward to seeing how he'll interpret a script and where he’ll take it."

"This GTI piece is the kind of work we love to do and it was right up Coleman's alley. I'm incredibly proud to be able to put a piece like this out there," concludes Visser.

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