In the new campaign, Nestlé Cremora reimagines how the old classic advert would look like in contemporary South Africa, using five 'inclusion heroes'.

"The individuals are protagonists who represent our progressive and inclusive society and come from communities that are not well represented in media," says the brand.

The inclusion heroes comprise:
  • Erik Holm, who is a quadriplegic
  • Nomsa Shezi from the LGBTQIA community
  • Palesa Mosiea, who has the disability of albinism
  • Mmatema Moremi, who is a businesswoman in the creative industry, and
  • interracial couple Takara Brooks and Phethego Siane.
"As Nestlé, we put diversity and inclusion at the forefront of everything we do, from our employees to our suppliers. Therefore, having cast individuals from marginalised communities is a natural step forward for us," says Zumi Njongwe, consumer communications and marketing excellence director at Nestlé South Africa.

Nicole Roos, business executive officer for coffee and beverages at Nestlé South Africa, says that "with the repositioning of our message to consumers, Nestlé Cremora took the same concept as the old joy of the brand. But instead of looking back on what it meant to many people, the focus now is to look forward to see what joy means to a new generation of South Africans."

"So many societal aspects of who South Africans were versus who they are now have changed and given that we've come so far as a nation, the brand urges people for an ongoing movement to be more inclusive every day," concludes Roos.

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