The nominations are for the Revenue Generating Marketing Campaign and Best Low Budget categories.

Through the judging process, each nominee will be marked against a six-point judging criteria undergoing close evaluation of:

  • strategy
  • coverage
  • results
  • content
  • creativity, and
  • innovation.
In 2021, the Supersonic New Generation Awards welcomed entries from more than 100 brands across the country, with a record number of corporates, agencies and individuals showcasing their impact in the industries in which they work.

"As one of the country's leading lounge brands, Grafton Everest has always enjoyed a special place in the hearts and homes of South Africans and beyond, and the Ultra Flop ad encapsulates the standard set for quality and comfort," says Dave Govender, chief executive officer at Bravo Brands.

"We are excited to see that the brand promise is not only being well received by consumers but also in the advertising industry," adds Govender. 

"While the industry has taken a significant knock to its operations, it is affirming to see that brands across the country are making strides and moving forward in providing their customers with quality campaigns," says Stephen Paxton, New Gen's founder.

Offering an extensive catalogue to choose from, superior craftsmanship, use of high-quality products and a reputation for comfort and durability are the core of the Grafton Everest promise to its customers, concludes the company.

The hybrid award show will be held on Thursday, 23 September at The Dome, Hybrid Studios in Johannesburg. The full virtual ceremony, which starts at 19:00, is free to watch and will be streamed live on the New Gen Awards interface on the awards' website. 

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