"We're excited to introduce new creative, branding and commerce solutions to help brands of all sizes drive real impact for their business," says the team at TikTok. 

"These solutions will enhance our brands' experience on the platform, how they connect with audiences and how they are discovered by the community. Here's a look at the highlights from TikTok World," adds the team.

"We've witnessed time and time again the important role that brands play in the TikTok experience," says Blake Chandlee, president of Global Business Solutions. "We've also seen how our community enjoys engaging with the brands they love. So when businesses of all sizes come to TikTok, we're excited to help them connect with their community, market their products and build their brand in a way they can't do anywhere else."

The suite of solutions include:

TikTok Creator Marketplace: This self-serve portal makes it easy for brands to find a diverse variety of creators that best aligns with their interests.

TikTok Creator Marketplace API: This API enables access to the platform's first-party marketplace data for creator marketing experts including Whalar, Influential and Captiv8 to provide brands with white-glove services to help manage the entire end-to-end process of creator marketing on TikTok.

Open Application Campaigns: Brands can post campaign briefs to creators across TikTok Creator Marketplace so that they can self-apply and participate.

Branded Content Toggle: This tool allows creators to mark videos and disclose commercial content without disrupting their creative flow.

Customised Instant Page: Brands can create landing pages that load in seconds (11x faster than standard mobile pages) to let users dive deeper into a brand's message by watching videos or swiping through different content.

"We want to make it as simple as possible for brands to jump in, find their community and thrive on the platform. Today, we're sharing tools to help brands easily buy ads on the platform, measure the success of their campaigns and track performance. We're excited to help brands large and small find a home for their voice, products and services all the while operating in a brand-safe environment," says the team at TikTok.

Options include:

Reach & Frequency: Brands can run effective, predictive and transparent campaigns on TikTok.

TikTok Brand Lift Study: This survey-based approach measures how users feel about the ads they see on TikTok, and additionally, the platform has teamed up with Kantar and Nielsen for Brand Lift, so partners can rest assured that it matches industry standards for effectiveness and reliability.

Ad Viewability: With MOAT and DoubleVerify, TikTok will provide partners the insight they need about invalid traffic and viewability on TikTok.

Brand Safety and Suitability Tools: With IAS, OpenSlate and Zefr, TikTok says that it continues to ensure that brands' campaigns run adjacent to content that's suitable for the brand.

TikTok Inventory Filter: The platform enables advertisers to gain more control over where they'd like their ads to run adjacent to and feel more confident on the platform. Our solution is aligned to the GARM Brand Safety and Suitability Framework to meet global, industry-wide standards.

"We're passionate about earning the trust of our community by building responsibly, equitably and openly so that people continue to love creating, viewing and sharing content that matters to them on TikTok," says the team.

"For brands, this means ensuring that they have a safe space to build their brand, connect with their community, showcase products and services and are always aware of the steps we are taking to make our platform safe," the team adds.

"We're excited to introduce TikTok Shopping, a suite of solutions, features and advertising tools that empowers brands and merchants to meaningfully engage with their customers," the team says.

First-Party Integration: Merchants can tap into a full commerce experience with the capability to upload products and manage everything from shipping to fulfillment and point of purchase.

Third-Party Integration: For merchants who enjoy working with their preferred third-party commerce partner, TikToki has Shopify, Square, Ecwid and PrestaShop now available on the platform. The platform says that it expects WIX, SHOPLINE, OpenCart and BASE to be available soon.

Product Links: Brands can highlight one or multiple products directly from an organic TikTok video, leading users to instantly-loaded product detail pages.

LIVE Shopping: Brands can connect directly with their community in real-time and share dynamic links to products and services at the same time.

Collection Ads: Brands can include custom, swipeable product cards in their In-Feed video ads.

Dynamic Showcase Ads: Brands can serve users personalised, targeted ads based on the users' interests.

"These innovations are just the beginning. We're committed to pushing ourselves to understand what our community values, using these as signals to guide our future product innovation and set new standards for the industry," says the team. 

"We're on a journey to make TikTok even easier to enjoy, share and shop. See you at the next TikTok World event! In case you missed it, you can check out TikTok World keynote and sessions on-demand starting on Thursday, September 30," concludes the team. 

For more information, visit www.tiktok.com.