Hollard's partnership with the Pendoring Awards coincides with UNESCO's launch of the Global Task Force for Making a Decade of Action for Indigenous Languages (2022-2032).

The initiative aims to raise global awareness of indigenous languages in communities at international, regional and national levels, as well as plans to mobilise resources for their preservation, revitalisation and promotion.

"This is the second year we are partnering with the Pendorings and the first as the headline sponsor. Partnerships like this are at the heart of our business and enable us to create and secure better futures for many South Africans," says Heidi Brauer, chief marketing officer at Hollard.

"We're thrilled to be a part of this transformative initiative and to celebrate those brands and agencies that have embraced and harnessed the richness of our heritage and diversity to get their message across," adds Brauer.

"By promoting and encouraging more South Africans to use indigenous languages in their communications, we believe we will contribute to the creation of a more inclusive society that benefits everyone,” Brauer says.

"The Pendoring Awards focus on the importance of developing multilingualism in society, which is especially important in a country like South Africa where most of the population speaks an indigenous mother tongue," concludes Eben Keun, Pendoring's general manager. "Hollard joins us in celebrating South Africa's indigenous languages and keeping them alive and we're proud to have them on board."

For more information, visit www.pendoring.co.za. You can also follow the Pendoring Awards on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.