According to the awards, strategic marketing means business; and this is not rhetoric but a potent statement of intent that speaks to the potential of strategic marketing as a critical tool for business success. 

Promoting analytical and creative marketing that impacts business, the MAAs strive to unite South Africa's organisations, revered industry leaders and respected agencies in one annual celebration of marketing as a strategic discipline.

Ivan Moroke, CEO of Kantar's insight division of South Africa says that the awards provide proof point to the remarkable potential of strategic marketing to catalyse business growth.

"The MAAs are an opportunity to prove, with empirical evidence, the positive impact of marketing and brand building as a critical commercial tool of growth — not to mention the discipline of marketing as an excellent career option for those who thrive on the art and the science of business growth," says Moroke.

"I am so honoured, privileged and excited to chair these awards, and look forward to continuing the great momentum of critical industry recognition that they have built over the last two years," Moroke adds.

The MAAs are presented by the South African Broadcasting Corporation and endorsed by the Marketing Association of South Africa.

Gugu Ntuli, group executive, corporate affairs and marketing at the SABC, says that there is a natural synergy between the awards and the public broadcaster, which prompted its sponsorship of the event.

"Both the MAAs and the SABC share a great passion for, and commitment to the development of, the marketing profession in South Africa. The country stands to benefit immensely from marketers who willingly embrace new technologies and innovation in communicating with consumers," says Ntuli.

"As the public broadcaster committed to fulfilling our mandate, we are proud to be the leading platform on which businesses are making that connection with their customers, especially in such a busy marketplace. We applaud marketers who constantly employ strategic marketing to do so," Ntuli adds.

"Strategic marketing connects organisations to customers, provides actionable insights, unlocks growth opportunities and builds equity on the balance sheet. The updated MAA brand identity and visual language being introduced this year reflect this as well as the event's transition into a more deliberate B2B position that highlights marketing’s role in business," says Dr Sean McCoy, founder and executive of HKLM, the agency responsible for the MAA refresh, and an MAA council member.

"The visual language talks to a new sophistication in the brand, fit for the accelerated business emphasis being placed on marketing as a discipline," adds McCoy.

The 2021 awards will once again look for those talented individuals and their teams whose marketing skills have managed to generate a significant impact within their businesses.

The awards are open to marketers from across South Africa, known and unknown, who are invited to enter their best work to be measured against, and recognised by, their peers.

Entries close on Monday, 31 January 2022 while nominations for Marketer of the Year and Rising Star of the Year close on Sunday, 30 November 2021. Full entry details can be found on the awards website. 

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