Grandtrek Uncharted was recognised in the Digital category for Best Use of Applications, Games and Interactive Tools. 

The initiative also had finalists in two other categories.

Launched in 2020 as a way of showcasing the proverbial road less travelled, the 'Grandtrek Uncharted' expedition encouraged South Africans to get back out on the roads and safely support the country's tourism landscape after months of lockdown and travel restrictions. It was showcased extensively across Dunlop's digital channels.

The expedition was anchored by the mission of 'going places Google hasn't been'. In 2020, it spanned all nine provinces, as modern-day explorers Peter van Kets and Jacques Marais sought out uncharted roads far from the beaten track that could be added to Google Street View for the first time. This was with the aid of a special 360-degree camera.

Dunlop has now launched the 'Grandtrek Uncharted' second instalment in 2021, with 10 travel lovers and influencers exploring KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape with the same purpose.

Lubin Ozoux, CEO of Sumitomo Rubber South Africa (manufacturer of the Dunlop tyre brand), says, "Winning a Loerie Award is the highest accolade for creativity and innovation across our region; we would like to congratulate FCB Durban for the win, as much as it is a feather in our own cap as Dunlop."

"Apart from the significant marketing and brand successes, this expedition had an important socio-economic at its core — namely to help to boost the tourism sector and encourage South Africans to take the road safely once again," adds Ozoux.

Other awards raked in by the initiative for 2021 include three wins at The Bookmarks and five wins at the recent Supersonic New Generation Awards.

Dunlop has also been recognised for its Are We There Yet? podcast, which offers locally inspired audio stories sourced from literacy NGO Book Dash and is available on the Dunlop MyTyres app and other podcast platforms.

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