"We launched in July 2021 as a collaborative effort between Facebook, Techsys and talented youth from Geekulcha to create Facebook Marketing Pros," Gavin Weale, Digify Africa founder and CEO.

"This innovative learning solution equips students with the skills they need to grow businesses and pursue a digital marketing career — all directly from their phones," adds Weale.

According to Digify Africa, the platform offers an immersive learning experience with content, quizzes and study groups, as well as a layer of gamification through badges and leaderboards to encourage engagement.

"WhatsApp learning offers an alternative learning solution that is easily accessible and cost-effective," says Weale. "What sets Naledi apart is its flexibility, allowing users to upskill conveniently and at their own pace."

"The reception we have received for Naledi since its launch has been phenomenal; with a New Generation Award under its belt for Most Innovative Learning App, Naledi continues to blaze new trails in the mobile learning space," adds Weale.

"It's a testament of the power of WhatsApp learning as a groundbreaking learning solution that will unlock new learning possibilities for young people across the continent," Weale concludes.

For more information, visit www.digifyafrica.com