WPP put together experts across creative, media and data as part of a bespoke team (called OpenX) to win the global task.

That team has now been briefed to become a catalyst for the transformation of Coca-Cola's marketing effectiveness and efficiency and will start its work on Saturday, 1 January, 2022. 

Nick Lawson, CEO of MediaCom, says, "This is a fantastic effort by our teams over a nine-month pitch who helped demonstrate what MediaCom stands for as a media agency: A brilliant group of talented, inquisitive, creative and inclusive people that will help them see the bigger picture and drive transformation for the company."

Ashish Williams, CEO of MediaCom South Africa, says, "The localisation of global campaigns will be a crucial part in MediaCom's role to ensure this well-recognised global brand remains true to its individual roots in each country, including South Africa."

Claudelle Naidoo, MediaCom's managing director, says, "MediaCom's localised insights will allow for unparalleled connected consumer experiences moving forward. Our benchmark-setting systems, such as the recently launched Systems Acceleration, were all developed to be catalysts for localised brand transformation and growth."

"Our ability to take extremely complicated data sets and extract deep, authentic insights that can be strategically harnessed is a very powerful advantage to offer our clients," adds Naidoo.

Manolo Arroyo, global chief marketing officer for The Coca-Cola Company, concludes, "Consumers respond to an entire experience; they don't separate the message from the medium. And that's why we've designed an agency model to be truly consumer-centric and silo-free."

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