Generation C is that group of people who are predominantly under the age of 35. They centre their lives around the use of social media and are considered to always be connected and thrive on community, creation and curation.

Put simply, Generation C isn't a quirk of when or where you were born; it's a way of life.

This group of people is a powerful new force in culture and commerce. They are empowered by technology and equipped with smartphones and tablets to search out and consume authentic content — whenever and wherever they want.

They are always online. They consume and share content with their friends and communities by the minute. They are literally changing the way that the world, and business, works and functions.

When it comes to business and marketing, it is important to understand who this generation is and know how to target this powerful and dynamic generation in your content marketing strategy.

The characteristics of Generation C are the following:
  • They are smart and savvy.
  • They are not easily swayed and reject the hard sell.
  • They rely on each other for recommendations and information.
  • They respond to emotion.
  • They do not want to feel forced to buy something.
  • They want to feel connected and be part of a community.
So, how do you reach this group of people? Here are five ways you can connect with this generation:
  1. Invite them into conversations — they thrive in online communities.
  2. Post content that tugs on the emotions, whether it be humour or shock. Gen Cs want credibility in their communities so they are looking for content to share.
  3. Post content offering advice on products and services. This generation is looking for experts in the things they are interested in.
  4. Personalise your content.
  5. Put your customers' interests first and make their problems the primary focus of your business — not profits! Remember, they aren't going to respond to the hard sell. They want to know that you have their interests at heart.
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