Connected Womxn will take the form of quarterly thought leadership and connection events held in partnership with Google, Meta, TBWA and IAB South Africa.

The initiative is targeted particularly at C-suite and senior leaders across the tech, media and marketing industries.

Each partner will host one of the quarterly events, which will include:
  • panel discussions
  • presentations, and
  • group events.
"The genesis for Connected Womxn came when we realised that there was no 'big tent' forum for leaders across agencies, specialists, platforms, publishers, brands and education companies in the digital media and marketing industry," says Asha Patel, Google sub-Saharan Africa head of B2B marketing and South Africa head of marketing and chair of the IAB's Transformation Council.

"We also understood that we were in a unique position to provide that platform and help support women in leadership," adds Patel.

Connected Womxn is a central part of the Transformation Council's wider efforts at building recognition and support for women in the digital sector.

These include profiling senior women leaders across the industry to combat a perceived lack of role models and providing online support structures. It also includes a safe space for women through the IAB South Africa Transformation Council's Digital Group for women, Allies in Action, which is to launch in 2022.

"As the primary digital media and marketing body in South Africa, we are committed to ensuring that the industry is as representative and diverse as possible," says IAB South Africa CEO Paula Hulley. "Connected Womxn recognises that achieving real representation doesn't just mean pushing for numbers but also providing meaningful support."

Connected Womxn will run throughout 2022 and cover a variety of topics, including:
  • celebrating the achievements of women in leadership positions in South Africa
  • what it takes to become a woman leader, and
  • the responsibility women in leadership positions have to younger generations.
Members of the IAB Transformation Council, Women's Sub-Council include:
  • Asha Patel, head of B2B marketing sub-Saharan Africa and South Africa head of marketing of Google
  • Nokuthula Magwaza, founder and CEO of Bloom Marketing
  • Nomacala Mpeta, head of learning at Digify Africa, and
  • Razia van der Schuur, MD of 4IR Academy. 
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