Ogilvy EMEA chairperson Paul O'Donnell says, "We are exceptionally confident in Case's ability to effectively lead our business and to raise the bar for us in South Africa."

"Case knows our company well. He is a proven leader and a true modern marketing professional. He played an integral role in forming Ogilvy South Africa's industry-leading position after joining the company in 2014. He was founder and CEO of Gloo, the market-leading digital agency acquired by Ogilvy," adds O'Donnell.

"Case took over the creative and digital leadership of our group post the acquisition and was responsible for an impressive string of successes. He is a leader who excels at the intersections of business and creativity," says O'Donnell.

Ogilvy South Africa board chairperson Nkosinathi Biko says, "We welcome Case's energy and experience back in this role and he carries the full support of our board. An important part of his mandate, alongside the continued evolution of our business services, will be the growth and excellence of our diverse talent pool, central to our wider transformation ambition. Case will work with the board and WPP to identify and appoint a successor."

"Over the last year, I've had the pleasure of helping implement Ogilvy's new strategy in several markets across the world and working at the intersections of innovation, creativity, technology, data and media in order to drive business growth for our clients," says Case. 

"I'm excited to help activate this with increased purpose and power here in South Africa, alongside the opportunity to work with the hugely talented people across the group and its list of amazing clients," Case adds. 

"I've been closely involved in some of the recent key hires in South Africa and look forward to once again working closely with an agency that has a rich history of proudly punching, well above its weight, on the global stage," concludes Case.

Case is one of Ogilvy's most awarded leaders and previously ranked in the top 10 best performing CCOs in the world. This was according to the WARC rankings. Case will remain a member of Ogilvy's World Wide Creative Council and continue to play a role within its global network. 

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