Having studied in an art direction, Otto says he has made the decision to move into the creative team, where he became the digital art director.

According to the agency, Otto's experience as a digital art director added another layer to his digital skill set which proved to be invaluable for his plunge into the world of strategy. 
Otto says he pushes to get digital a seat at the marketing table. Otto says, "Between our laptops and smartphones, we are spending most of our waking hours connected to the Internet. So, I believe the opportunity to build impactful relationships through digital does exist — we just need to figure out how."
A few of the brands Otto has worked on include: 
  • PepsiCo
  • Jive 
  • Coronation Fund Managers 
  • Satrix Investments 
  • KFC South Africa, and
  • Food Lover's Market Holdings.
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