Using the theme 'Creativity 101 - Each Cube Has a Story to Tell', the campaign kicked off in October 2021.

The branding is focused on how creatives go through all states of mind when searching for an award-winning idea. It also depicts the story behind a piece of work. 

As an extension of the campaign, DDB Paris and The One Club for creativity invited a diverse group of creatives to create images that convey what goes into:
  • one of their ideas
  • their search for inspiration, and
  • all that is needed for them to generate creative work.
The featured creatives in the campaign include:
  • Alexandre Nart, illustrator, animator and director from Paris
  • Max Guther, illustrator, animator and director from Berlin (One Club Young Guns (YG) winner)
  • Dani Choi, an illustrator from Brooklyn (YG winner), and
  • Vikki Zhang, an illustrator from Shanghai (YG winner).
"Working with such a variety of talented creatives has been an incredible opportunity to celebrate the creative community in a playful way," says Alexander Kalchev, CCO from DDB Paris.

Other young artists participating in the campaign, which runs through mid-February, include:
  • Debora Cheyenne Cruchon, a multidisciplinary artist from Paris (YG winner)
  • Mihailo Kalabic, digital artist from Belgrade (YG winner)
  • Jaedoo Lee, illustrator and animator from New York (YG winner), and
  • Armando Veve, an illustrator from Philadelphia (YG winner).
"We gave each illustrator as much freedom as possible to tell their very own story of what it takes to win an ADC Cube. We've loved receiving each very personal and wonderful interpretation of the brief. Each story is unique and truly shows the diverse creative process that lies behind winning each coveted and iconic ADC Cube," adds Kalchev. 

Entries are open, with fees increasing after each deadline period. The deadline for entry is Monday, 31 January with an extended deadline of Friday, 18 February and the final deadline is Friday, 4 March.

No physical entries will be accepted in 2022 due to the ongoing pandemic. All entry media must be uploaded into the online entry system.

The jury for the ADC 101st Annual Awards will judge entries online in March 2022, with finalists being announced in May. ADC 101st Annual Awards Gold, Silver and Bronze Cube winners will be announced during Creative Week in May 2022.

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