Pop culture belongs to everyone and it is such a powerful tool for marketers — especially in how it can fuel marketing campaigns. Why?

Well, it is a way for brands to connect to their audience because it is something that everyone is able to relate to.

Doritos® holds a primary place in pop and gaming culture, which is why Comic-Con Africa has decided to partner with it to power the Doritos® Crunch Cup — a series of online tournaments.

Doritos® is the number one Coolest Snack brand in South Africa — a title that has been held over the past decade since it was dubbed as such by the Sunday Times Gen Next Awards. And, as the resident cool brand, Doritos® has taken gamers under its wing and redefined them as society's snackers, not slackers.

So, while it is fueling online gamers with tasty snacks, what is fueling them? Easy — pop culture.

Curious to learn more about how pop culture drives marketing campaigns? If you answered yes (which hopefully you did), media update's Talisa Carlson is here to join you on this journey.

Ready? Let's go, it's crunch time:

How important is it for brands to become integrated into pop culture to ensure ongoing brand relevance?

[It is important to] focus on the things that matter, or are of interest, to your consumers. It's about thinking like an entertainer, not an advertiser. [It is about] showing up in spaces and places — and ways — that feel interesting and engaging to your audience.

How does delving into different trends of pop culture help your brand grow?

Simply put, you get to build a meaningful relationship with your audience — not one that's focused on pushing your message to your consumer, no matter how little they want to hear it. It allows for two-way engagement that builds brand love.

How does getting involved with different communities (as in this instance, with the gaming community through Comic-Con Africa) elevate a brand?

Communities are as old as time and the introduction of social media elevated their ability to operate on a global scale. Now with the explosion of all things 'Web 3.0', we're seeing a growing focus on relevant communities to build conversation and connection.

Getting involved with communities, like the gaming community at Comic-Con Africa, allows us to further understand our audience and fuel a two-way experience that truly grows brand relevance in a space that is meaningful to the audience.

What are the benefits of partnering up with other brands?

Two brands are always stronger than one. Partnering with other brands allows both parties an opportunity to become more relevant and engaging to the communities that they are speaking with. Therefore, it strengthens the overall relationship with the audience.

What is one of the most important spaces that brands should consider marketing in?

The most important space is any space where your audience is naturally living and engaging. Don't pick a space because of a checklist of dehumanised data points — but rather pick your spaces based on a deep understanding of your audience. This is namely:
  • their passion points
  • their interests, and
  • their daily behaviour.

How can brands create more purpose-driven marketing campaigns?

Start by being brands that are more purpose-driven. Consumers are quick to spot a marketing message designed purely to sell.

Brands need to first live by their purpose.

Then they must have the integrity to tell that purpose story honestly and authentically. Consumers will respond to that.

What other effects do you think pop culture has on driving marketing campaigns? Let us know in the comments section below.

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