Using Waze as a direct mobile platform, KFC geo-fenced its restaurants and used Waze's built-in functionality to talk to its audience while they were on the go.

If someone approached a KFC during Ramadaan, an in-app banner would pop up to warn them that a KFC was on route and suggest a short detour that would avoid that particular KFC.

Waze was designed to give users the quickest and most optimal route to their destinations. A temporary functionality was built to pull this off that contradicts Waze's original purpose.

Stores within locations with a high Muslim demographic were identified and selected. Detours were plotted to avoid KFC restaurants that would also be the least inconvenient to users that opted in.

The KFC Ramadaan Redirect was launched with an online film and featured two South African Muslim comedians. The app had them share the skit via their social pages.

"The KFC Ramadaan Redirect solidified our credibility across communities; 'using a tool to help Muslims during Ramadaan, shared by Muslims'," concludes the franchise.

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