THB was the only KwaZulu-Natal agency to have an advert in the list compiled by Kantar featuring the Best Liked Ads of Q3 and Q4 2021 in South Africa with most of the ads being produced by Gauteng and Cape Town agencies — many of them on high-end budgets.

"We are really proud of this accomplishment. With a relatively modest TV budget, we were able to create a TVC that emotionally engaged our audience through powerful storytelling and authentic moments that clearly felt genuinely relatable to the audience," says creative director Nick Gordon.

"It reinforces for us our role in the Durban agency landscape as a dynamic agency that is still in touch with consumers," adds Gordon.

The ad, directed by director Kit of Darling Films, tells the story of a young granddaughter and her friends visiting her grandparents for lunch. The young people are very careful to observe their traditions when interacting with their elders, but when it comes to the meal, Gogo surprises them with how innovative she has been using her Nola mayonnaise.

"It was really a special spot, and between the choice of music, the performances and the characters it was always something that felt really warm and heartfelt and I'm really happy that it resonated with so many people," says Kit. 

Creative team Geoff Paton, Nick Gordon, Silindile Nkosi and Nontobeko Kunene say they tapped into the latest insights about how South Africans differ across generations when it comes to certain beliefs and practices around meal-making. This is with young people still feeling reverence for the traditional ways of cooking and the older generation being more surprisingly willing to try new ideas and cooking methods.

Copywriter Silindile Nkosi says she was proud to work on an advert that challenged stereotypes in a warm way. "Traditions and new ways are constantly interacting. Where they meet is where we evolve as a society," Nkosi says.

The message that Nola allows everyone young and old to tap into their creativity and try new things is delivered optimistically.

"It's always rewarding to see stories that tap into human truths and cultural insights resonate with the audience," adds Geoff Paton.

Nola Mayonnaise brand manager, Nelia Nieuwoudt, concludes, "'Embracing New Ways' clearly communicates, in a modern, vibrant and progressive tone that the creamy versatility of Nola Mayonnaise inspires everyone, young and old, traditional and modern to try new ways with the food they love and to '#CreateAStir'."

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