The campaign, which runs for five months, will aim to deliver a lighthearted and original concept while educating the South African audience about alcoholic seltzer as a category.

At the same time, it will aim to position the Flying Fish variants as the best option when looking for lightweight refreshments.

Even though the seltzer category is big in the United States, it is still on a rising trajectory in South Africa, which makes the campaign particularly significant, according to the duo.

The new Flying Fish Seltzer campaign is strategically geared to fill the gap and accelerate demand for those looking for a healthier alternative without compromising on the fun.

Thibedi Meso, executive creative director at Think Creative Africa, says, "Flying Fish Seltzer is a challenger brand that educates in a fun, fresh way to drive trial and consideration. Our client was open to our idea and excited to hear about our approach of positioning Flying Fish Seltzer as the drink for those who aspire to live the 'Soft Life'."

"The target audience is dealing with a quarter-life crisis, and the general view is that life is hard. Therefore, we felt strongly that the brand should show up in a way that will appeal to those who don't let life bring them down — those who, despite the hardships of life, never hesitate or wait to live the Soft Life," adds Meso.

Flying Fish Seltzer is a stand-out brand that aims to offer a new perspective on an alcoholic beverage that is more sessionable, considerably lighter and still aspirational. It's for anyone who appreciates 'less sugar, less calories' as an option and is willing to try new things, says the duo.

The new communications campaign appeals to this broader audience — not just beer and cider drinkers — with messaging that encapsulates a new way of living each moment to the fullest, without compromise.

The commercial introduces Low Sugar Bae, the soft life guru and author of The Book of Soft Life. He expounds his preferred way of living and shares quotes. The commercial aims to shed light on the product in a way that is flirty and fun.

"Our aim is always to create great campaigns through an African lens, with creativity that is memorable and talks directly to the targeted consumer. Abo Mkhulu Bae, or older gentlemen in great shape, have long caused a stir on social media and we couldn't think of a better ambassador to deliver our message," says Meso.

"Low Sugar Bae still looks great at his ripe age because Flying Fish Seltzer is his drink of choice, and he's here to give us some insight into how we can enjoy Flying Fish Seltzer while getting a taste of the 'Soft Life'," adds Meso.

Zetu Damane, Think Creative Africa’s chief strategic officer, says that standing out in the cluttered flavoured alcoholic spirits category is a mammoth task. That's why it was important to connect with consumers using an insight they could really relate to while showing up in a fresh unexpected way. 

"We were struck by the skilful originality of the concept presented by Think Creative Africa, together with its solid understanding of our target audience and our ambitions for the brand," says Nonjabulo Ndwandwe, product owner of Flying Fish Seltzer at AB InBev.

"Its creative and solutions-driven acumen is palpable and apparent in its campaign ideas. We're excited to be working with this formidable team," concludes Ndwandwe.

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