'Jab Jab' won a Gold Cannes Lion in The Script category and a Bronze Cannes Lion in the Local Brand category.

"Savanna Cider is a dream account to work on. After winning two Bronze Cannes Awards for Savanna 'Decolonise Autocorrect' in 2021, we knew we set the stage for 2022 and had to push ourselves and the Savanna team even harder than before," says Steph van Niekerk, creative director at Grey Advertising Africa.

"Now we have another Bronze and a Gold to add to the collection, and the week has only just kicked off," adds van Niekerk.

Maijaliina Hansen-Chipps, category lead for Savanna & RTDs at Distell, was there to receive the two awards live, along with some of her celebrated colleagues.

"It all still feels a bit unreal and it is tough to put into words all the emotions you go through when you go onto this world-renowned stage to be celebrated for your brand's work. Many hours are spent every day working towards tapping into '#Siyavanna' South Africa worthy campaigns," concludes Hansen-Chipps.

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