According to the brand, in the past five years, it has witnessed a seismic shift in marketing.

Social, political and economic transformations have seen consumers emerge with different perspectives, needs and priorities.

Now, with marketers at the helm, companies must revitalise their strategies to evolve in real-time with shifting consumer expectations.

Reuters Events says that the conference is the global platform in which to inspire and empower marketing leaders — to contemporise your brand, maximise new channel opportunities and engage in human-first data strategies.

Individuals can download the brochure here to discover the NYC speaker line-up.

According to the event, speakers from the world's most recognisable brands that will speak at the event include:
  • Rachel Ferdinando, CMO form Frito Lay
  • Cristina Bondolowski, CMO from HP
  • Bridget Tran, CMO from Club Quarters
  • Laura Gentile, EVP in commercial marketing for Disney and ESPN Networks at ESPN
  • Rajeesh Ramachandran, SVP and head of strategic business and customer insights at TD Bank
  • Karin Timpone, CMO from MLB
  • Michele Oliver, Global VP in brand and purpose from Mars
  • Beth Mach, chief consumer officer at TrueCar
  • Jonathan Nouri, SVP in loyalty for Albertsons Companies
  • Doug Jensen, SVP and GTM analytics and activation and learning COE from Estee Lauder Companies
  • Ramon Jones, CMO from Nationwide, and
  • Nada Arnot, SVP in marketing at Britbox.
According to the brand, with entrepreneurship at an all-time high and the competition greater than ever, marketers must stay ahead of industry trends and beat challenger brands as individuals look towards 2023.

The event calls for CMOs, innovators and experts to join the Strategic Marketing 2022 conference for learning and networking opportunities.

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